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Contract Formation With a San Diego Business Attorney

The Grey Law Group is a San Diego based Law firm with years of experience in contract formation. The list of contract formation services includes buy-sell agreements, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, employment agreements, sales agreements and many other contracts.

As your contract attorney, we formulate business agreements to suit your needs, including contracts for the sale of goods or services, partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, employment agreements and a wide range of other agreements to assure that your business is protected.

San Diego Business Attorneys can Form Contracts to suite your business needs

 Your attorney will customize a contract for you to suit your needs. We will not generate form contracts and simply insert your name or the name of your company into a contract where no thought was given to your special business needs or interests. Rather, we will interview you in depth regarding the nature of your business, your objectives and the potential areas where you feel you might be at risk, now or in the future. Once we gained a comprehensive understanding of your business and the likely areas of conflict, we will then use our extensive litigation experience to help you formulate contracts which work for you on a day to day basis - but which also help to protect you from both foreseen and unforeseen problems.

An Experienced Business Attorney will help you put the right agreement

The key to any good contract is the extent to which the potential areas of conflict or diverging interests of the parties are identified at the time of its creation. If these areas are addressed early, when the parties to the contract are cooperative and amiable, then the contract will protect you when circumstances change and the parties do not share their earlier enthusiasm for the deal or the relationship. Having represented numerous litigants who found themselves in bitter legal disputes where the original contracts were absent or wholly inadequate, Mr. Grey can give you the benefit of his litigation experience identifying for you now the likely areas of conflict in your business and how best to eliminate them or reduce them and how to protect your interests in the future.
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