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Insurance Claims: If your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or you feel like you are being interrogated by your insurance company, do not feel like you are alone. Thousands of times a day in California, insurance companies wrongfully deny claims or pay only a portion which is rightfully due. Sometimes it is because you simply do not know how to properly present your claim, sometimes it is because the adjuster is ignorant of the law or the facts supporting your claim and sometimes it is because the insurance company has intentionally developed deceptive and illegal practices to deny your claim. Whatever the case, you need quality legal representation to protect your interests. You can be assured of one fact, the claims department of every insurance company is looking to pay you as little as possible. If you do not know your rights, you are placing yourself at the mercy of someone whose next promotion is based on how much they protect the interests of the insurance company - not yours. They will frequently mislead you with respect to the law governing your case to reduce or deny your claim and without legal representation you will likely rely on this self-serving evaluation of the law because you simply do not know whether they are telling you the truth or not.

The Grey Law Group is dedicated to protecting your interests. The law favors you not the insurance company. If you contact us for a San Diego insurance claim Attorney, you will have an experienced Bad Faith Insurance lawyer on your side who has spent years educating adjusters as to their duty under the law and their duty to pay claims like yours in full. In most instances, if you have contacted The Grey Law Group early enough in the presentation of your claim, we will be able to confront an uncooperative adjuster with the law that controls your case and compel the adjuster to pay your claim to the fullest extent required by the law. It is important, however, that you receive legal advice from the outset. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to damage your own claim without even knowing it.

Protect Your Rights by hiring an expert Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Adjusters will frequently try to entice you into making statements regarding your claim that will allow them to deny it. Sometimes the slightest misstatement by you can result in your claim being wholly denied. Do not let this happen to you. Get legal representation early, especially if you anticipate that your recorded statement or examination under oath will soon be taken. Do not find yourself accidentally saying something under oath which you cannot correct. You need legal representation early. Let an experienced San Diego insurance claim lawyer walk you carefully through the entire process to avoid the traps set by the insurance company so that your claim is paid in full.

Insurance Bad Faith: If the insurance company still denies your claim even though the law is on your side, then you may have a claim for bad faith. However, how your claim was handled initially by you will likely determine the merits and/or value of your claim for bad faith later on. It is not enough that the insurance company simply denies your claim, they must do so in bad faith. The Grey Law Group, by being extremely professional in all of its dealings with the insurance company and by presenting your claim in the best light with all the supporting facts and law, will not only make it much more likely that your claim will be paid in full, but in the unlikely event that the claim is wrongfully denied, the professionalism with which your claim was presented will protect your claim for bad faith.

Let a Professional Insurance Attorney Handel your Case

You might ask - how does that matter? The answer is simple. Any misconduct in the presentation of your claim whether it is by accident or because you became overly emotional in your dealings with the insurance company or because you mistakenly asked for some damages to which you were not entitled will help serve to divert a jury from the insurance company’s own bad faith conduct. Do not give the insurance company any ammunition or excuses to deny your claim. That is why you need the services of an insurance bad faith attorney. The Grey Law Group has represented both insurance companies and plaintiffs. We know how to protect your claim and how to leave the insurance company with nowhere to hide. If they acted in bad faith, we will expose it and equally important, the reasonable and professional manner in which your claim was handled by an experienced Bad Faith Insurance Attorney will serve to highlight the insurance carrier’s bad faith.

Our Attorneys have years of experience representing individuals and small companies against large insurance carriers. These cases include a variety of insurance coverages including homeowners insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, commercial liability insurance and many other types of insurance coverage. In most instances, if you retain an insurance bad faith attorney early enough, he can make sure that your claim is paid in full.

Call an Expert Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in San Diego for maximum compensation

Don’t be intimidated by your insurance carrier. If you do not feel that you are being treated fairly by an insurance company or you suspect that they may be trying to deny your claim, call an insurance claim lawyer who can make a difference. For more information, contact an experienced San Diego insurance lawyer by dialing our phone number.

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