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Truck accidents are perhaps the most deadly of all accidents on the road because they combine speed with size and extreme weight. If you have been the victim of a truck accident, don’t hesitate to call an expert Truck Accident Attorney. The Grey Law Group has helped victims of Truck Accidents recover maximum compensation for their pain and suffering. Call us and have an expert professional San Diego truck accident attorney look at your case. 

A San Diego Truck Injury Lawyer Can Help

Truck accidents are steadily increasing every year, due to more and more shipping requirements and the added pressure of delivery deadlines.  In fact, almost 15% of all traffic crashes involve large trucks.  Trucks can weigh as much as five tons, and that kind of mass can be debilitating or even fatal in a crash.  Many victims of trucking accidents also have to deal with large companies and experienced lawyers, which can be terribly overwhelming.

Calling a San Diego truck injury attorney can help ensure that you get the maximum compensation you need for your damages, injuries, medical bills, future medical bills, and lost wages.  The sooner you call the better, since a statute of limitations could keep you from filing a claim after a certain amount of time.

A San Diego Truck Accident Attorney Will Help Navigate Through Insurance Company Bureaucracy

Don’t settle with the insurance company before speaking with a licensed San Diego truck accident lawyer.  We have the experience and ability to get you a compensation settlement significantly higher than your initial offer, and we have helped many people just like you get millions of dollars in compensation – money that they both deserve and need to cover their injuries.  Don’t take on the insurance company yourself; let us help you get through it, and help you get back to living your life again.

The odds are that sometime in your life either you or someone you love will be involved in a traffic accident, but if a truck is involved, it can be even more debilitating.  People are involved in injury accidents every day, and many don’t get the compensation they need – don’t let your case fall between the cracks in an insurance company file.

This is about more than just property or money, but your health and quality of life.  Trust us to get you the maximum settlement to cover your pain and suffering.  Call us today to schedule a consultation and have a licensed San Diego truck accident attorney look at your individual case with you.  We can evaluate liability and all other factors that can affect your rightful settlement.  Call a specialized expert San Diego truck accident attorney today – we are on your side and will help you get the compensation you need to cover both your damages and suffering.

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